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    How do I update my contact information? How do I do a domain update?

    A form containing the details of the update is required and must be e-mailed to coza-admin@www.pf677.com. Obtain the application form from here, and fill in your new details.

    How do I move a domain to another ISP?

    If an ISP hosted domain moves from ISP to ISP potential problems may occur. The ISPs responsibilities include verifying that the domain has been correctly registered, all payments are up to date, contact details are correct etc. before doing an update.

    If a domain exists and it is required to move a domain to a different ISP first ensure that the domain in question is paid for. This might be the previous ISP's problem rather than the customers, but is a necessary condition for a succesful update.

    How do I determine a domain's status?

    Domain details may be checked at the ZA Central Registry'sWhois server. This will show the payment date - or it will be blank if nothing had been received.

    How do I do the domain update?

    Retrieve the application form and edit the information using a text editor such as Notepad or vi. It is essential that the file containing the application form remains in ascii text format. Once modified, (remember to change section 1b. from 'New' to 'Update'), e-mail the updated application back to coza-admin@www.pf677.com, the automated domain registration process.

    How do domain updates work?

    When an update is received, the registration server sends out voting tickets to all existing owners, and the update request is moved into a pending queue. These tickets need to be replied to within 24 hours. If there is at least one positive reply and no negative replies - the change will take place.

    When there is a successful Update, the robot searches for all available e-mail addresses for that domain - ie, from the form, it takes 2g (Mail bill to), 4g (Admin e-mail) and 5g (Tech e-mail). The e-mail contact out of the SOA record for that domain is also used. The robot sends the same 'Update Completed' to all these e-mail addresses. This should effectively notify the old owners of the change.

    Why does a domain update fail?

    Should an invoice be outstanding for more than one month you will receive a response from the robot stating that update is refused. You may confirm this by verifying your domain details on the Whois server.

    Domain names may not be changed using the domain Update process. The domain must first be deleted and then re-registered as a new domain application.

    An update may also fail with a message indicating that duplicate updates or deletes are not allowed.

    How can I remove an update request from the pending queue?

    A request is removed from the pending queue as soon as a 'Deny' ticket associated with the update or delete request is processed.


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